Tuesday 29 January 2019

January 2019 - Mozi Café Real English Blog

With January practically finished 2019 is well under way! We now are turning our attention to the new school year starting in April. The new
schedule for 2019/20 is almost finalised and along with a few minor changes of class start times we plan to introduce a number of new classes.

New Kids classes

          There will be 3 new Kids beginner classes. Two of these are for Elementary school 1st / 2nd, graders. The first class opens in April on
Thursdays 5pm to 5.50pm. This is 60% fill at the time of writing and once this is full (5 students) the second will open on Fridays at 4pm to 4.50pm. The third class is for beginner level elementary school students but who are older (for example 3rd to 5th graders). This class is scheduled for Tuesdays 6.30 to 7.20pm.

New Junior High and High School Student Class

          For older students especially Junior High School and High School students we are opening a Speaking and Writing focused class beginning in April. This class recognises that speaking and writing skills are not well catered for in Japanese schools and these skills are becoming more and more essential in doing well in Future tests such as TOEIC, GMAT and EIKEN now compulsory at high school level. The class is scheduled for Monday evenings from 8 to 8.50pm.

          Consequently for students who are starting J.H.S. in April 2019 we are offering two classes. One is the existing Eiken class on Wednesday evenings which focuses on passing each Eiken grade with the target of Eiken 2 or pre 1 before finishing high school. All of the English skills are required however special attention is given to grammar, vocabulary and exam technique. The other class for J.H.S. (and 6th grade Elementary School or High School Students) is the new Speaking and Writing class described in the previous paragraph. The objective being the development of a well-rounded English skills enabling fluent communication skills for all situations.

New Reading and Writing Programme for Kids Classes

          Mozi Café Real English is moving towards introducing more and more native student materials into the kids classes especially Elementary school students from their second year of English. A small number of our students are using our home reader programme involving reading at home and listening to an accompanying CD. These students are making great progress and we want to see most of our students doing the same in
2019/20. We are planning o introduce a voluntary home programme focusing on both reading and writing using ‘native materials’ early in the new school year. This focus means more hours in total dedicated to English with class time centred on speaking and listening.  We are yet to finalise the details of this programme however we will be in a position to give you full details in March.

Tuition Fees

Finally, some of you may have noticed that we have increased our tuition fees on our Internet site. At this stage this only effects new students who have started in the New Year. For existing students we planned to apply the increase starting June 2019. We were reluctant to do this however it is necessary in order to continue the development of our tuition quality. We believe the increase (about 500 yen/month) still maintains our fees as being very reasonable and we hope and pray for your continued support!!  

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